holistic nutrition

strict diets and rigid exercise routines don't work. mainly because they cause stress and deprivation. let us help you learn to nourish all areas of your life.


individual coaching

we get it, it can be a struggle to sift through all the health and nutrition information available, let alone figure out what will work best for you. that's because there's not one right way for everyone to achieve well-being. this is why our approach is as unique as you are.  check out how one-on-one coaching can help guide you step by step. 


grocery store & pantry tour

"butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA?)" we don't know what that is either, but it's one of the most common ingredients on the grocery store shelves.  let us teach you how to read labels and find healthier alternatives to your favorite foods! 



want to make sure the whole fam is feeling good and eating well? let us help you create more health in your home.

about we heart wellness

we are a team of non-traditional healthy living experts + holistic wellness coaches.  comprised of two fun-loving health nuts (dara and cara) whose mission it is to bring play and ease into your health journey.  with 15 years of combined experience, education and knowledge from personal experiences from overcoming eating disorders to drastically shifting family eating patterns,  we are a well-balanced and versed team. working with us you’ll be making an investment in your health that pays dividends over time.  

our retreats

all-inclusive retreats for women who want to be the heart of their family’s wellness.

we teach you how to sift through the noise and connect with your intution around what is right for you and the ones you love most.

we believe in healing our guts and then listening to them. 

we find that most people don't know how amazing they are meant to feel in their bodies. imagine waking up full of energy, excited to take on the day, creating the life you want. approaching meal times with ease, eating when you are hungry, stopping when you are full and enjoying the heck out of your food. then falling asleep feeling fullfilled. sounds pretty good, right?


body acceptance


food as medicine

healthy living


eating disorders

intuitive eating

working with we heart wellness has changed the way i think about food entirely. i've become more in sync with my body and understanding what is right for it and how better foods and habits give me more life. i feel ready to take on every day without it feeling like a task because of my health coaching.

brent r. age 27