family coaching

without trying to sound too stuffy, studies and polls show that family is the most influenctial aspect in a persons health. family traditions, lifestyle choices, culture and religion all play a role in how, when and what we eat as both children and adults. 

even the conversations in the home effect how we eat while out in the world. in this concerige service, we work with families to make sure every member is feeling good. we will play around in the kitchen with the little ones, get creative and find ways to incorporate more nutritious food in a way that is fun and tasty. 

we support parents well-being through holistic nutrition support, meal planning, easy recipes, shopping lists, simple swaps to satsify cravings, snack guides, how to dine out and everything in between. 

this is basically hiring a tutor so the whole fam can get an A+ in living well. 

all day immersive 

this includes pantry raid, shopping trip to your favorite stores, a cooking lesson, meal prep together and one on one sessions. you'll walk away with confidance to create health for the whole fam and be armed with our most valueable guides, tips and resources. 

6-8 hours $950

available to those who live within the grater los angeles metropolitian area. travel fee may apply.