holistic nutrition consultanting

what is we heart's definition of holistic nutrition? well, for starters it means treating people as individuals. there is no one size fits all plan of action here.  our definition does not allow for thinking inside the box and there is no dogma allowed.


we look at ALL the parts of someone, all areas of their life and how they each influence overall health. every pillar, including career, relationships, lifestyle, health, hobbies and self care all contribute to overall well-being.


holistic nutrition means nourshing every little corner of our lives and enriching the crap out of it. but we start with food. everything we ingest gets digested, metabolized and assimulated into our bodies and then it effects who we are and how we show up. what we mean is the food we eat can either lift us up, give us energy, vitality, fueling our creativity or it can pull us down, making us bloated, dull, fatigured and irritable.


we support you by cleaning up what you are eating, then creating balance throughout the nuances of daily life and clear out any negative thoughts or habits that get in the way.  we teach you how to weave in kale salads with chocolate cake, green juice with wine, yoga with all night dance parties and still be a vibrant, strong, MF living life on your terms. 

oh yeah, and there are a few things we are hard no's to: drama, diets and the idea that this has to be difficult or boring.