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why is we heart wellness here?

Updated: Mar 20, 2018

oh hello there!

we are dara and cara, and if you've read our about page then you already know a little bit about each of us and how we came to be passionate about health and wellness. if not, go check it out. seriously go, then come back, we'll wait. (www.weheartwellness.net)

our personal journeys have been truly unique, yet overlap in our commitment and beliefs and we imagine that you will find some parallels with us as well. no matter where you are in your journey, we are here to help you feel your best.

we heart wellness was born out of our belief that there is a growing need for a new approach to health. the way to you feeling your best is 100% unique to you so no two programs we create are the exactly the same. we customize the hell out of everything so you can really get to where you want to be.

we are here because we believe that the abundant access to various opinions and views makes it difficult to determine what is best for your body. so naturally we are not here to tell you to "eat this, not that" rather help you tune into you intuition about whats best for you. together we will help you discern new information and cut through the noise.

so you get a bit of a feel on what this might look like, lets look at the questions around consuming dairy. it is a current hot topic with many conflicting POV’s out there and we can argue both for and against the consumption of dairy. plus not all dairy is created equal, not at all. remember there are ads and consumer information out there funded by the dairy industry and there can be hidden processed ingredients along with all kinds of added sugars and so forth. we can break it down for you! believe it or not, organic, full fat, unpasteurized dairy may be the best option out there! we take hot topics like this, explain the science, elaborate on the opposing opinions and help sift through all the products on the market so you can make informed decisions.

we are also here because we know the value of having a trusted ally to support you in changing your relationship to food and yourself. we are here to hold you accountable, tell you the things that others are too polite to say and of course keep it real.

real food. real nutrition. real actionable steps to change your life.

we heart is here because we know that having knowledge of what to eat is not enough. we all know HOW to get in shape, lose weight, climb that mountain but the challenge is in actually doing it. we will get you there! we combine elements from our life and work experience to bring a fresh approach to your unique wellness. using our life coaching expertise and training, combined with our nutritional education, kitchen karate chops and personal experience we help you figure out how all areas of your life are influencing your health. then we bust through the self-limiting beliefs, create life altering mindset shifts and powerfully set you up to take your health into your hands.

our goal is to eventually make ourselves obsolete in your journey. that means that we have done our job.

lots of love


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