be the heart of your family's wellness!


our fabulous and fun retreats are for any woman who wants to take the health of their family and loved ones into their own hands. 


as you know, it's hard to pour from an empty cup.  so our retreats are designed to nourish and take care of you so you can powerfully show up for everyone you love and at the same time, for yourself.


this all inclusive, fully immersizve weekend is designed for you to be able to bring these healthy habits into your life, home or wherever you are.  


the ripple effect...that's what we are after. 

retreats include but are not limited to: 

  • round table style conversations in a beautiful setting with both cara + dara coaching you every step of the way

  • debunking health + diet myths

  • expelling old habits and stories we have around our bodies and food, health, nutrition

  • simple ways to adopt healthier habits using intuitive eating principles and s.o.u.l. (seasonal, organic, unprocessed and local) foods

  • re-contextualizing health for the household

  • take the stress, guilt and confusion out of healthy living 

  • how to discern given all the health + diet info out there 

  • consultation with a registered dietician

  • home cooked heatlthy balanced meals 

  • farmer's market visit

  • grocery store visit

  • nutrition label reading

  • restaurant guidance

  • nutrition and supplementation for disease prevention and reversal 

we are here to help you and your family become self sufficient. this weekend is meant to lay the foundation for the rest of your life.  we also may recommend additional follow up support, too. we are here for you and your wellness needs.  

mini retreat: july 14th + 15, 2018 in los angeles, exact location tbd